Wednesday, November 25, 2020

About Me

Hi there, I’m Helen Burks, a guitar enthusiast playing sometimes in clubs somewhere in the East. 

Just six weeks ago, my buddy, Frank asked me to teach him to play the guitar. Previously I had taught a few buddies, so I gladly agreed. Frank was your typical novice. He knew maybe a few chords in that case. He’d just met a great woman he wanted to impress. Haven’t we been here before? So I sat down and began to write out a lesson program for Frank. He was dead set on studying the quick and effortless way. I kept this in mind while creating the class outline.

Helen BurksAllow me to also mention that Frank had tried to learn the guitar before, but was overwhelmed with advice and had decided to stop. It looks like that is a pretty common phenomenon with new players. It is either too hard or not hard enough. The secret to seeing effects is actually learning how to play! If you can’t find out to play a song then what good is taking guitar lessons!?

I slaved away for a couple of weeks, making up the fast track to mastering the guitar. This was about 6 months ago. Frank has gone from a complete beginner to an accomplished player. He jams with a local group on the weekends. And as for the girl, let’s just say she had been a little more than impressed if she heard him perform with her favorite songs.

Currently, I am putting my guitar knowledge into blog posts format so I could share it with individuals via the Internet with friends over the world.

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